Friday, August 22, 2008

Trivia Time!!!

1. Name two experiences Edward wants Bella to have while still a human.

2. What day is Bella's Birthday?

3. What song do Bella and Edward share a love for? (They listen to it in his car together)

4. What was Edward dying of when Carlile saved him?

5. What does the apple on the cover of Twilight represent?

6. Who is the 'best' mechanic in the Cullen Family?

7. Who acts as their jack to prop the car up? :)

8. What is Bella's favorite gemstone?

9. What is Bella's reaction the first time Edward kisses her?

10. What model car does he 'Stupid shiny volvo owner' drive?

Bonus: What does Jacob call the werewolves in his story at First Beach?

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