Friday, August 29, 2008

Touching Base

I'd like to remind everyone that the mailing date for your swap packages is September 15, which is just around the corner now! I'd also like to thank everyone--apparently everyone is keeping in touch with their partners on a regular basis, as I've not had any complaints from anyone! Just a suggestion--when you send your kit, pay a little extra for delivery confirmation! It's so worth it to know your kit has arrived safely!

Lots of great ideas are swirling around the Ravelry forum--I can't wait to see everyone's kits! There is a forum there to post pictures of your goodies--please take the time to post your pics and acknowledge your partner's hard work and generosity!

Thanks to our wonderful Coven leader, Lizabeth Cullen, for posting the Trivia Challenge--pskline was the winner and her prize is in the mail!

I'll also be starting another forum, asking if you want us to do a New Moon swap. Please take a minute to let us know if you're interested!

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Lavender Diggory said...

Thank you so much, this has been fun!! I am now off to meet Edward (aka sweet dreams)!